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Yes, These T-Shirts Plant Trees...


We have already planted 720 Trees  

How does it work?

Our founder, Sebastian Onate (9-year-old social entrepreneur), wanted to create a business that allowed him to spread his message and gives back to nature.

"The earth is my place, The earth is your place, The earth is our place!

Let's take care of our planet together!"
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We Plant a Tree For every item sold!

 Every time you buy one of our Recycled T-SHIRTS for Kids, you also give a tree for the planet!.

Thank you for supporting the environment with us!

Sometimes we will duplicate our donation to celebrate! 

Yes!, special occasions are always a reason to celebrate.

That's why we will let you know through our social media every time we will celebrate any special  occasion, and we will plant 2 trees instead of 1 for every item sold!

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Founder Extra Donations  

Nature is in emergency mode. We need urgent action to help our Planet!!!.
There are so many ways to make a difference. Our Founder, Sebastian Onate, has chosen to plant trees for every item sold. But that is not all. On occasion, he also asks us to donate extra and plant 100 trees, for instance, to celebrate an important date.  

We Offset our Carbon Footprint by Planting Trees 

Every business must respect our planet and try to reduce as much as possible its carbon footprint.

What is a business carbon footprint?

It is the quantity of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that were produced as a result of its operations.

So, to be able to reduce any impact on the environment we may cause, we decided to plant additional trees. So, we not just plant a tree for every item sold. We also make an additional donation for planting trees to offset our Carbon Footprint.

We know that a single tree doesn't change the world overnight, but little by little we will make the earth a greener place!  

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How We Plant the Trees? 


We partner with a non-profit organisation to plant trees and rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

With the help from our friends at "Trees for the Future", our donations will plant trees in the developing world, enabling them to build a more sustainable future.

In addition, our Founder, Sebastian Onate, is a Tree ambassador of "One Tree Planted". In the future, he plans to organise a fundraising event with that group of nature lovers in order to raise awareness about reforestation.

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